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Recognize The Forms Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is all forms of threats, harassment, and violence between two people who are bound by marriage or other family members, such as children. This is a form of an abusive and toxic relationship that is quite common. Anyone has the opportunity to become a perpetrator or victim of domestic violence. However, in reality, most of the victims of domestic violence are women. If you have experienced domestic violence from a loved one, don’t hesitate to find Mike Morse and ask for his help in bringing this to court.


Types of Domestic Violence
Previously, it was mentioned that domestic violence is not only physical but psychological and sexual which can happen continuously. There are several forms of domestic violence that you need to know, namely:

1. Emotional abuse
The following are signs of domestic violence that you may have experienced or are experiencing:
• Your partner criticizes or insults you in public.
• Your partner blames you for their rude behavior and says you deserve it.
• You often feel afraid of your partner.
• You change certain habits or behaviors to avoid getting angry with your partner.
• Your partner forbids you from working, continuing your studies, or even seeing family and friends.
• Your partner accuses you of having an affair and is always suspicious if you are seen around or talking to other people.
• Couples are always hungry for attention for irrational reasons.

2. Physical violence
Physical violence is a type of violence that often occurs in cases of domestic violence. These acts of violence can take the form of hitting, slapping, kicking, strangling, grabbing or even burning your or your child’s limbs.
Not infrequently couples also tie or lock you in the house. This behavior is usually triggered by alcoholism and drug use.

3. Sexual violence
Sexual violence can also occur in victims who experience domestic violence. The following are some signs of sexual assault:

• Your partner forces you to do things you don’t want to do, including sex.
• Your partner inappropriately touches your sensitive body.
• Your partner hurts you during sexual intercourse.
• Partners force sexual intercourse without wearing condoms or contraceptives
• Your partner forces you to have sex with other people.

After committing an act of violence, usually, the perpetrator of domestic violence will apologize and promise not to repeat his mistake, and even give a gift to atone for his guilt.