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Floor Lamps Main Function

Floor lamps have two main functions. There is a floor lamp whose light shines directly on it, there is also a dim lamp whose light illuminates the room. You can get it on httpwww.floorlampssale.co.uk .

Direct lighting for those who like to read at night
Direct lighting is a light that shines directly on the bed or a place so that direct light hits the area. This type of floor lamp is recommended for reading a book or illuminating your bed at night. Spotlights or spotlights are a type of lamp that fits into this category. This is because the spotlights use an opaque hood so that the light can be focused in one corner.

Present a sad and romantic atmosphere with indirect lighting
Indirect lighting is a type of lighting in which the light is directed to the ceiling or to the wall. Thus, this lamp illuminates the room with only its reflected light. However, there are also several types of lamps that only function as floor decorative lights, not to light up the room. Lights like this are commonly referred to as dim lamps or dim lights. For dim lights, you can use a torch, globe, or LED floor lamp that has a transparent hood. You can also use the spotlight type as a dim light by directing the light to the wall or ceiling.

Some of you may be confused about choosing a light or heavy floor lamp. For that, you need to consider its use first. If you have small children at home, you should choose a lamp that is stable and does not collapse easily. However, if the lamp is too heavy, of course, you will have difficulty moving or cleaning it. Therefore, choose a floor lamp by focusing on its ease of movement or stability, based on the frequency of cleaning and the structure of the family. If you are looking for a stable lamp, make sure it is a solid light and not too tall. In addition, choose a lampshade from a lightweight material, such as cloth, acrylic plastic, and so on.